Frequently Asked Questions

How many does Conroy's Old Bar Sleep ?

Conroy's sleeps STRICTLY Max of 4 + a cot.

Can we book for just one night ?

Sorry, we have a VERY strict 2 night minimum stay policy.

Is Conroy's Old Bar Pet Friendly ?

Although we are animal lovers ourselves, Conroy's is NOT pet friendly due to it's rural farming location.

There's a group of us looking to stay.....
Are there any other B&B's/accommodation in the area ?

Is there space to put up a tent ?

Is there anywhere to park a camper van, for extra guests to stay ?

Can we put up extra beds/ bring blow up beds ?

Unfortunately, due to insurance restrictions, Conroy's Old Bar is rented out only as a self catering holiday let, where we are only insured for 4 people + cot IN and ON the property.

This means we are unable to accommodate any other guests, whether it be on an extra bed, in a tent on the property, in a camper van parked out side or even if they are staying in other accommodation and are only visiting.

As Conroy's Old Bar was an original licensed bar, it is viewed by the Insurance Company, that as there is no longer a liquor licence on the property, with strict licencing regulations, and as the nature of the premises is based around a pub, they assume the number of guests to Conroy's Old Bar who are drinkers, would be higher than other self catering holiday lets.  

This, they assume, would mean there would be a greater risk of guests becoming intoxicated, and so the risk of damage would be greater, and so the chance of an insurance claim would be greater too. 

Their view is, the more people that are on the property, the more chance of damage being done to the property - and then the higher risk of an insurance claim.

Although we would like all of our guests to enjoy their stay at Conroy's Old Bar, and whilst it would be lovely for guests to be able share this unique place with all of their friends /family, Conroy's Old Bar is best suited to those who have a love of the great outdoors, who would like to experience the true beauty and tranquillity of rural Ireland, whilst staying in a converted traditional Irish village bar.

We do have elderly neighbours close by, that we also have to take into consideration. 

We also live next door to Conroy's and we and our neighbours choose to live in the countryside, because of the peace and quiet, which, if Conroy's was allowed to become "Party Central", that would be defeating the object.