Conroy's Old Bar for Families

Looking for a family holiday that's a little bit different?

So many "family holidays" nowadays cater for the child's every need  - 

which is great,
but what about the teenagers, or indeed the parents ?.....

At Conroy's Old Bar there's something for EVERYONE !

How many of us have taken the children on a break away, only to find that they
spend all of their time in a ball pool/swimming pool or amusement park, staying

 in generic accommodation, that does nothing to enthuse the parents at all ?

Well, you may not think that a "Holiday in a Pub" would be the answer, 

but you may be pleasantly surprised to find, it may well be !!!

What's available for the Children ?

At Conroy's Old Bar we don't charge for any extra children's equipment, 

like cots, bedding, high chairs etc.. 

everything is there for you to use FREE of charge.

As well as numerous family games, toys, dvd's and pub games available inside 

Conroy's Old Bar, outside there is a large garden, with plenty of outdoor games, 

including a tree swing and The World of Fairies enchanted Fairy Garden.

When you book a Family Stay at Conroy's Old Bar,
there is also the option to book the children into the World of Fairies Workshop, 

where they can become a Fairy Folk Helper for the day.

A "Surprise Visitor" will show them around The World of Fairies Workshop

(which is situated next door to Conroy's Old Bar).

Here, they will learn some of the secrets of the World of Fairies and even be 

invited to a Fairy Folk Tea Party in Milo Burrow's Hobbit Hole !

There's hours of fun & creating to be had, where parents can either join in or 

take a back seat and let us take the reins for a while.

Everything on the day is included in the booking price of €15 per child.

please do this when booking Conroy's Old Bar, to avoid disappointment, 
as plenty of prior notice is required for us to rearrange our working schedule.

If you should wish to browse/buy crafts & gifts from the 

Cottage Garden Craftworks, World of Fairies Shop, this can be opened by arrangement during your stay.

And approx 600yds from Conroy's Old Bar there is also a lovely children's playground.

And for Teenagers ?

Conroy's Old Bar has become a very popular holiday destination for families with teenagers. 

Families finding that their children are at "that age" when it's no

 longer "cool" to be going on holiday with their parents, seem to have found the

 solution in having one last holiday with them, by coming to Conroy's Old Bar.

Teenagers can't seem to resist the thought of spending their holiday 

"in a pub" (albeit a "Pub With No Beer") and the family having it all to themselves.

Teenagers love taking the role of "Landlord/Landlady", having darts and skittles tournaments 

and cooking alfresco on Conroy's very apt beer barrel BBQ. 

Just a short drive up the road from Conroy's, you will find Bike Park Ireland,

The first official mountain bike park in Ireland that caters for beginners to professional mountain bikers. 
A great place to bring friends and family to cycle on purpose built mountain bike trails.

There's also mountain bike hire available in Portumna Forest Park and fishing boat hire available on Lough 

Derg & the River Shannon, we even have some fishing rods and life jackets available, if you fancy trying to

 catch your own supper....

Pony & horse riding is available close by, as well as kayaking on Lough Derg.

And For The Parents ?....

As with every family holiday, knowing the the children are happy, makes the parents happy.

Time and time again guests of Conroy's Old Bar comment on 

"what great quality time they have been able to spend together",

"how they have been able to really relax, and do things at their own pace",

"how much the children just want to stay at Conroy's and not go out for the day",

or, if they're out, 

"how much they just want to get back to Conroy's and enjoy more playtime".

On top of all that, parents get to experience something for themselves, 

a break away in unique accommodation and the availability of an onsite babysitting service. 
(charged at €10 per hour)

All in all, it's great opportunity to have a wonderful holiday together and make memories. 

Spend the Day as a Fairy Folk Helper.

The day starts by collecting the eggs from the chicken house, where the children will come across their 1st surprise of the day, which in turn will reveal the 2nd surprise of the day....

A Tour of The Fairy Folk Workshop, with The Fairy Queen herself!!!

   (the Fairy Folk Workshop is situated next door to Conroy's Old Bar).

The Fairy Folk Workshop is where all of the Fairy doors and houses are built and where the Fairy Folk Tailor comes at night to sew all of the Fairy clothes and where the Fairy Folk Cobbler comes to make all of the Fairy shoes and Pixie boots.

But 1st they'll have to dress for the occasion, it's Fairy wings, Pirate outfits's and face painting all round.

The children will have to take the Fairy Oath, before they're allowed to go onto sorting the Fairy Folk Post and learning how to read Secret Fairy Folk Writing.

Next, it's onto creating their very own Fairy Door, 

paint, glitter, stickers, however they'd like. 

Leaving the Fairy Doors to dry, it's time for the Fairy Queen to take them on a tour of the Fairy Garden. 

She'll show you who lives where in her Fairy Kingdom, and who to watch out for!

It's playtime - time to discover the Fairy Garden for themselves.

Why not,design a Fairy Door on the giant chalk boards ?... 


perhaps sail away in the Leprechauns Pirate Boat ?....

Now it's time for the Fairy Folk Tea Party - take a seat in Milo Burrows Hobbit Hole and enjoy some delicious Pixie food.

After the Tea Party it's back to the Workshop - there's Fairy Doors to finish and Fairies and Pirates to create.

Lastly, no visit to the World of Fairies would be complete without creating their very own Fairy Wish or Goblin Spell.                           The Fairy Queen will guide you through the making of the most wonderful wishes and spells to take home with you.

But Wait !!!.....  A Fairy Folk Emergency !!!!

Oh No, The Fairy Queens Treasure has been stolen !!!

It's all the Fairy Folk Helpers to the rescue. It's back out to the garden, to solve the clues and find where those pesky Leprechauns have hidden the Fairy Queens Treasure.

The work of the Fairy Folk Helper is never done.....

please do this when booking Conroy's Old Bar, to avoid disappointment, 
as plenty of prior notice is required for us to rearrange our working schedule.