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The World's 1st Self Catering Pub  Conroy's Old Bar


The Story of 
Conroy's Old Bar
The World's 1st Self Catering Pub
The Pub With No Beer!


How It All Began

When we purchased the property in 2004 it came with the former village shop/post office and a five bedroomed house.

Both Conroy's bar and the shop/post office had already been closed down and the liquor licence from Conroy's had been sold off, along with the majority of the bar's contents.

We initially decided to have Conroy's purely as part of our family home; a family room with extra, private space for when family and friends visited. It was on one of these occasions of family visiting that we had a chance conversation of "sharing this part of our home with the public".

In all honesty, it wasn't easy getting used to sharing what has always been first and foremost our family home with strangers from across the globe. But, the fact that we have actually managed to save a slice of Irish history for others to enjoy as truly unique holiday accommodation, has more than compensated for it.

And here we are, all these years later....... 

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