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An Authentic Irish Experience

Step off the beaten path and step back in time, to a place where time has literally stood still.

Conroy's Old Bar is an authentic traditional Irish rural village pub, discreetly converted into unique and quirky holiday/vacation accommodation.

Relax in the cozy atmosphere, explore the beautiful countryside, or check out the nearby landmarks and attractions.

The Pub Experience

Stay at Conroy's Old Bar and experience the Irish pub culture like never before by having this unique former village pub all to yourselves.

The pub has been renovated to provide modern amenities while preserving all of its traditional charm and character.

If you're looking for a unique Irish holiday, where your accommodation is an experience in itself,

in a place where time has literally stood still, and where a slice of rural Irish social history unfolds before your very eyes, then how about booking a stay in one of Ireland's most famous and unique self catering accommodation?..

Accommodation that is an experience in itself

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